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Botox And Dysport Injections

May 31 2019

Botox And Dysport Injections

Nowadays, people try to stay active and look younger. By doing so, they are apt to feel better about themselves and be perceived by others more positively. Fortunately, Azure Aesthetic, in Bowmanville, helps people look more vibrant and youthful. For, now there are newer and improved ways to attain a fresher and younger look. Two methods that provide a more youthful appearance are Botox and Dysport injections. These injections in Bowmanville can easily be achieved at the Azure Aesthetic and require no downtime. Because they do differ from one another, a consultation with a professional provides advice on which is best for a person.

Botox and Dysport injections, derived from botulinum toxins, are used to reduce facial lines and wrinkles non-surgically. When injected into the skin, both Botox and Dysport block muscle contractions, and by relaxing the muscles, they reduce the appearance of such things as laugh lines and frown lines, known as glabella. With age, a person's skin loses collagen, which provides elasticity. Dysport then works well for older patients who have deeper glabella wrinkles; in fact, results are visible within a few days. Such results can be retained for up to four months. Botox injections, lasting up to six months, are used to reduce forehead furrows, crow's feet and some glabellar lines.

Although dermal filler injections must be repeated every few months, they are convenient because their completion usually lasts only a few minutes; also, there is no downtime and few, if any side effects. Sometimes, people experience minor pain at the site of the injection or some muscle stiffness, but such stiffness usually goes away after a few days, at the most. If there is some bruising, concealer can be applied to disguise it.

Botox and Dysport injections are available at Azure Aesthetic, in Bowmanville. These injections are also used to help in the reduction of facial acne and pore size. Treatment is recommended every four to six months so that a person can maintain the results of these injections and fillers. After a while, less should be needed regularly. 

If you have thought about, or would like to get Botox or Dysport injections, visit Azure Aesthetic, in Bowmanville for a consultation today. Contact us today to book an appointment or book an appointment online

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Clients about Ästhetik Rx

  • I went for a consultation at Asthetik Rx. I have always wanted Botox to erase some lines on my forehead but was always very nervous. The place is very clean and modern. The Staff was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure from start to finish, and also answered all my questions and concerns. The results were amazing and the price didn’t break the bank either. Excellent place!

    Amanda Z.
  • I have finally found a place that can give me the results I have been looking for, for a very long time.