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Botox or Fillers: what is right for you?

November 01 2019

Botox or Fillers: what is right for you?

In recent years, cosmetic surgery and enhancement has became not only popular, but encouraged as well. We say, why not?! Everyone wants and deserves to look their best and we would like to help you do that! A common request of our patients is to smooth out those pesky facial lines that were never there before. The wrinkles near your eyes known as Crows Feet, and frown lines on your forehead and around your mouth are problem areas for a lot of men and women.  When clients visit our offices they immediately ask for or insist on "Botox" or "Fillers", but without the proper knowledge of which one will work best for their unique and personal situation! It's important that you, the patient, became aware of and knowledgeable of each treatment and effects so you will know what's best for you!


Botox are injections that are placed in areas around your face where wrinkles and lines are starting to appear. These injection actually relax your facial muscles and giving you a smoother complexion!


These injections work differently from Botox as they do not relax facial muscles, but instead fill creases in the skin and "plump" up the area. Some common places aside from forehand and around your eyes are your lips. TV personality and model Kylie Jenner, daughter to Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, famously sports a plump pout regularly!

Now, which one is right for you?

You may not know this but they can be used together to enhance the effects of the other. They are a great team, like Batman and Robin or cookies and milk, and work well together to really give you the desired look you are after. However, you may only need either or...that is where Ästhetik Rx comes in!
We are here to assist you in finding out the best solution for you and only you. You are a unique person and deserve a perfect specialized treatment!

Call or visit our office today and book your first consultation!

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Clients about Ästhetik Rx

  • I went for a consultation at Asthetik Rx. I have always wanted Botox to erase some lines on my forehead but was always very nervous. The place is very clean and modern. The Staff was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure from start to finish, and also answered all my questions and concerns. The results were amazing and the price didn’t break the bank either. Excellent place!

    Amanda Z.
  • I have finally found a place that can give me the results I have been looking for, for a very long time.